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Want to change your lifestyle, get fit and look great?

Hi, I’m Steve Phillips, a freelance Personal Trainer working across South East and South West London.

My training plans really work because they are truly PERSONAL. Each journey starts with a free no commitment consultation to discuss your specific requirements and agree a plan.

Whether you are a first timer or experienced exerciser I believe I can help you achieve your personal goals and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I specialise in using exercise and nutrition to help people make lasting changes to their lifestyle, develop better fitness levels, train for specific events, sports conditioning or as an aid to lose body fat.

We can train anywhere; be it in the great outdoors, in the comfort of your own home or in a bespoke gym

Want to change your lifestyle, get fit and look great?

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Training and nutritional programmes that are PERSONAL to you

How can I help you?


utritional Advice: You will get more out of your exercise if you eat the right foods in the right quantities, the food you eat is a vital part of a good exercise programme and can help you achieve your desired results quicker and more effectively. Food is your main source of energy so make sure your eating the right foods! Exercise, Rest and Nutrition go hand-in-hand in achieving a state of wellness which is why I will provide you an indepth analysis of your nutrition using a detailed food diary


am here to help you and want you to enjoy what we do together. I am not the type of personal trainer that will shout at you whilst watching you do the work, I will motivate you by doing it with you and building you up at your own pace.

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